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A blog about a confused girl's attempts at love. hope you laugh and cry reading it as much as i did living it.

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First Love Letter

I have always loved simplicity. The simple things life brings to my doorstep. The daily mail addressed to me, a fragrant spring day, brown paper packages, and then one day my doorstep brought me you. I knew the moment I saw you that you were not the one for me, you were everything I was not, you were wild and new, unpredictable and inconvenient, and you were the person I was meant to be with. It is crazy the way things turn out, because you are not at all one of the simple things I admire so much, you are by far the most complex person I know. But you amaze me more and more everyday. You are the only one in my life who can make me crazy, yet make me amazingly happy at the same time. And so with this I leave behind the simplicity I was once so content with for something so much more rewarding than any state of contentment could be. So on this simple door I once opened, on the same step where you once stood, I invite you into my home, my life, to open the door to everything simple I love: the fragrant spring that could  be our garden and the daily mail addressed to him and her. And to make my simplicity more complex with you. 

A Boring Story About the Beginning